Driving Trials Events

Driving Trials Events

Dressage – Friday 9th August
The object is to judge the freedom, regularity of paces, harmony, impulsion, suppleness, lightness, ease of movement and correct positioning of the horses on the move. The horses will be judged as a team and not as individuals.

Cross Country – Saturday 10th August

The object is to test the fitness and stamina of the horses and the judgement of pace an horse-mastership of the competitors.

Obstacle Driving – Sunday 11th August
The object of the final FEI competition is to test the fitness, obedience and suppleness of the horse(s) after the Marathon and the skill of the driver.

Our Events fall into three main categories…

Main Arena (Royal Marine Commandos, Household Cavalry etc)

Driving Trials (Dressage, Obstacle Driving etc)

Country Fair (Clay Pigeon Shoot, Famous Grouse Fishing Event etc)

Choose from above to learn more about our exciting range of events for all the family.