Main Arena Events

Household Cavalry Musical Ride
The Household Cavalry musical ride is performed by many serving soldiers more used to the high tech intricacies of modern armoured vehicles. Here they demonstrate the very different but equally demanding skills required of the mounted soldiers in centuries past. The display consists of a carefully orchestrated programme of performance riding to music. It includes columns crossing within inches of each other at full gallop and mounts lying down with their rough riders-trainers-standing by them while the remaining riders circle round them in a figure of eight formation. In all there are 16 riders dressed, as they would be on a full state occasion, all mounted on black cavalry horses. Accompanying them will be four state trumpeters mounted on traditional grey horses and also one of the regiments magnificent drum horses. Combined they produce a truly spectacular display.

Royal Marines Commando Display Team
The Royal Marines put themselves through their paces with some exciting displays.


RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team
The RAF Falcons will be dropping in this year with some spectacular aerial acrobatics.


Yorkshire Dales Falconry Centre Eagle & Vulture Show
The Yorkshire Dales Falconry and Conservation Centre presents this spectacular show. Star of the show is ‘Jack’ a lappet-faced vulture. With his unattractive features and wingspan of well over 2.5 metres he certainly is a force to be reckoned with. In the wild these magnificent creatures have been recorded soaring at altitudes of 15,000 feet in their quest for food and with fantastic eyesight pick-up the feast below.


Terrier Roadshow Racing Team
Watch the Terriers race for first place in this popular event.

Cumbria County Council’s Learn and Play Area

Laurel & Hardy impersonators
Visit Lowther on Sunday and you may bump into two great comic geniuses – Laurel and Hardy! 
These fantastic impersonators come with their very own authentic 1924 Hollywood Model-T Ford car and will wow the crowds and entertain the kids all day long.


Gundog training
This year we welcome back John and Sandra Halstead from Drakeshead Kennels. Together they have been giving their marvellous gundog demonstrations at Lowther since the country fair began.


The NatWest Jazz Band
Performing on the bandstand throughout the day will be the NatWest Jazz Band.
Celebrating 25 years of making music the band, which was originally made up full time members of staff, make a welcome return to Lowther with Dixieland classics such as “Mamma don’t allow”, ”Aint she sweet” and the ever popular “Come home Bill Bailey”

and much more!

Our Events fall into three main categories…

Main Arena (Royal Marine Commandos, Household Cavalry etc)

Driving Trials (Dressage, Obstacle Driving etc)

Country Fair (Clay Pigeon Shoot, Famous Grouse Fishing Event etc)

Choose from above to learn more about our exciting range of events for all the family.